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This wiki is intended for outlining my various projects and hacks. It is primarily geared toward *nix systems (Linux,Unix,OSX, etc), but I wouldn't be opposed to someone posting Windows related information.

If you have any hacks or cool projects you would like to document, feel free to create an account and start posting. too fucking bad. Spammers ruined it for everyone. If you are a real person and want to make an account, you can find me at The irc PIT

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to My Talk Page.

If you are looking for my main site it is or The PIT

Featured Article: SteamKandy

SteamKandy controller

The SteamKandy midi controller was designed to control the four supplemental loop decks available in Mixxx DJ Software. It also has four buttons to drop out/in the high and low for the two main decks. The controller can be easily redesigned and reprogrammed to fit your needs.

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Featured Article: VEX Robotics System

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Featured Article: GCR415

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